Best Underground Bunkers and Survival Shelters

Best Underground Bunkers and Survival Shelters

Two minutes to Doomsday! What does it mean? Scientists from all across the world maintained a device called the Doomsday clock which was a kind of nuclear alarm that warned people of a possible man-made global disaster. In the aftermath of the Cold War, the scientists set the clock to 17 minutes to midnight.

These ’17 minutes’ – not literal – indicated the time left before the world strikes noon or midnight. What will happen then? It will mark the end of the world. The end of humans! Today, the clock stands at two minutes to midnight.

But the clock’s setting is not arbitrary. Factors including threats of nuclear wars, frequent bushfires, and unbridled global warming all influence the position of the clock’s hands.

Underground Bunkers

Now, what should we do about the dreaded midnight hour? We are not going to dodge the possibilities of a large-scale catastrophe. The likelihood of global distress has worried, and rightly so, a large number of people.

What can a person do if the ground they are living on becomes unsafe and unstable? They go under the ground. Knowing that in a matter of a few years that world will not be in a liveable condition is indeed worrying and this is exactly why people are turning to underground bunkers and survival shelters.

Over the past few years, the sales of underground bunkers have skyrocketed to unimaginable heights. If you are worried about what will become of you in case world leaders decide to wage a nuclear war, you should consider investing in underground bunkers. In this article, we’ll provide you a brief review of the top five underground bunkers and survival shelters.

Our Top Pick

Desperate times call for desperate measures! If you don’t have time to read the entire blog to decide on which bunker or shelter to go with, you don’t have to go farther than this section. Keeping in view the affordability and excellent features of this bunker, we have chosen Atlas Survival Shelters – BombNado.

The shelter is built to reduce the effects of harmful gamma radiation – yes, the post-apocalyptic world is bleak.  Several other features set that the bunker apart from other bunkers. If you are interested in knowing more about our top pick, please read further.

Best Underground Bunkers and Survival Shelters

1. Atlas Survival Shelters – BombNado

There are a few features that will be present in almost every model of Atlas Survival Shelters. The structure of the bunker has a 90-degree turn that plays an important role in reducing the effects of gamma radiation. It also has a mudroom with a shower that is vital for decontamination.

These bunkers also come with nuclear, biological, and chemical filter units so that the filter doesn’t stop working when the power is out. Atlas Survival Shelters strictly use only military-grade NBC systems that are made from metal housings.

The steel used for the making of the Atlas hatch is bulletproof. These shelters are gas- and airtight. The interior of the bunker is designed with a semblance of the interior of a home.

Pros of Atlas Survival Shelters – BombNado

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Maximum protection against radiation
  • Airtight
  • Well-designed interior

Cons of Atlas Survival Shelters – BombNado

  • Can be a bit expensive for most people

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2. Luxury Underground Doomsday Bunker

Underground Survival Shelter

Did we use the words ‘luxury’ and ‘bunker’ in a single phrase? Well, absolutely. Even though survival shelters are built in mind keeping the fact that they will be used when people will be in imminent danger and when staying on the ground will not be safe for them, many manufacturers are introducing newer – and more luxurious – models for people who have enough cash to burn.

Dubbed as ‘The Facility’, the 12-bedroom underground bunker is not a conventional survival shelter. Equipped with a home theatre, commercial kitchen, recreation room, a library, a computer room, and a conference room, this luxurious bunker aims to recreate the peaceful life that its would-be inhabitants used to have.

With the help of 2 DSL technology, the bunker will also offer internet facilities to the people living in it. It has decontamination showers – which you can use if you feel that you are carrying harmful substance on you, solar power backup, and private water systems. It can withstand a 20-kiloton nuclear blast.

Pros of Luxury Underground Doomsday Bunker

  • Protection from nuclear blasts, chemical attacks, zombie outbreak, asteroids
  • Equipped with HVAC systems

Cons of Luxury Underground Doomsday Bunker

  • As the name suggests, it comes with an expensive price tag

3.  Radius Engineering Survival Shelters

Radius Survival Shelter

If the thought of spending millions on the purchase of a luxury bunker is scaring you, this one is just for you. Engineering Survival Shelter, made with fiberglass shells, provide great protection against concrete and steel shells.

Equipped with air purifiers with a UV-radiation sterilization system,  investing in these bunkers will be a wise decision. It has almost all essentials for underground survival, from plumbing, climate control to cooking appliances, consumer electronics, and communications.

Radius Survival Shelter Installation

Pros of Radius Engineering Survival Shelters

  • Its hydroponic agriculture systems let people grow fruits and vegetables and maintain farm animals and fish tanks.
  • You can have a swimming pool, an office or study area, or a putting green.

Cons of Radius Engineering Survival Shelters

  • The cost keeps increasing with additional items you install in the bunker.

4. Vivos xPoint Private or Shared Underground Bunkers

Vivos X Point

Originally served as military bunkers, Vivos xPoint underground bunkers are a safe space for you in event of a global catastrophe. You might wonder how you are going to pay for the price of the bunker which is in thousands. This bunker is the perfect answer to perhaps all your problem.

The bunker is available on sharing-basis as well which means that you and your friends can chip in to purchase shared spaces. Protected by thick berms of earth, these bunkers can withstand almost everything – it can withstand an internal blast of 500,000 pounds. They also have access to off-grid wells. They are a good option for people who want to purchase bunker space collectively.

Vivos x Point Floor Plan

Pros of Vivos xPoint Private or Shared Underground Bunkers

  • Can withstand almost every kind of blast
  • Easy on the pocket

Cons of Vivos xPoint Private or Shared Underground Bunkers

  • Doesn’t have a legion of amenities.
  • Not affordable for a single person if not purchased on a sharing basis

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5. Survival Condo, Kansas

Survival condo Bunker

Using the two abandoned US Army-built missile sites, Developer Larry Hall has created a masterpiece called Survival Condo. Committed to providing a luxury second home to the people, Survival Condo is a nuclear-hardened bunker whose insides look nothing like a survival shelter.

Its elegantly designed interiors will make you question whether you are underground. From a 900square-foot residence to a 3,600square-foot penthouse, Survival Condo offers a vast range of options to people interested in saving and investing for beyond the doomsday.

Survival Condo

 Pros of Survival Condo, Kansas

  • Different design available
  • Owners can access at any time – before any disaster as well
  • Features a general store, theatre, library, and bar
  • Has game arcades for kids

Cons of Survival Condo, Kansas

  • Most spaces are sold out

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bunker/Bunker Space

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1. Shock-Proof

Nuclear wars or other armed conflicts may lead to the end of the world. We are not certain about what is happening in the space so we can well expect an asteroid hitting the world or a space rocket crashing down on the earth. All of this result in a heavy explosion.

To protect yourself from such disasters, your main concern is to be inside a space that can withstand powerful blasts and explosions. So, when you are purchasing the bunker, do have a look at its resistance power and purchase the one that can withstand heavy blasts.

2. Protection from Radiation

Whatever the reason is for the possible end of the world – virus or nuclear war – you have to make sure that the bunker you are in is airtight and doesn’t let harmful gases or radiation come inside. This is an important feature to consider before you sign the document for the purchase of a bunker space.

3. The Location

Bunker spaces are available across the US. From Georgia to Kansas to New York, you can find a bunker in almost every city or state. When you are buying a bunker space, make sure that you seal the deal on the one which is the closest to the place you’re living in.

4. The Interior of the Bunker

While it may not seem too important, you must purchase a bunker that looks a bit like your home instead of those who look like a prison cell with bunk beds stacked in one line. Also, many people have fear of closed spaces – claustrophobia – and they may have a hard time adjusting in a bunker that looks like a death cell.

This is why developers in collaboration with psychologists are building bunkers that have a good interior design.

5. Type of Shelter

Any space that provides you a safe space can be categorized as a survival shelter. However, when you are looking for purchasing underground bunkers, you have to understand that you will be living there for a considerable amount of time – in fact, the underground space will be the new home for you.

So, you have to find a space that has relevant facilities and where you can spend the rest of your life.

6. Budget

You may have got the idea of how expensive the bunkers can be. Some bunkers cost well over $1 billion. The more cash you have to burn, the better facilities you will get after the end of the world we are so comfortable living in. However, it is not that you have only luxury bunkers available for purchase.

As mentioned in this article, there are affordable bunkers available as well.  Also, you can get a shared bunker space as well at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I access the bunker only after a catastrophe?

Ans: In many cases, no! Even though many people buy bunkers to have a safe space at the end of times, they start visiting the space regularly once they see the facilities available at luxurious condo bunkers. But this isn’t limited to high-end bunkers, owners have complete possession of the bunker space and they can check it and go for any upgrades if needed.

Q2: Can I resell my bunker?

Ans: Bunkers are not a financial investment which means that you cannot profit off of your bunker space. However, in the event of relocation, you can sell your bunker space and the developers will refund your money. You can buy another bunker in your current residential city.

Q3: Am I safe inside a bunker?

Ans: Almost every bunker is built to withstand heavy explosions. You will be safe inside a bunker and will be blissfully ignorant of the chaos on earth.

The Final World

The end of the world seems like the climax of a horror movie. Unfortunately, our hedonistic lifestyles have made the world slightly inhabitable. Couple this with superpowers’ egoistic approach to nuclear wars, and we have the recipe for a big disaster. To save yourself from the dangerous realities of the future, it is wise to invest in a bunker today.

From luxurious bunkers to simple survival shelters, there are plenty of options available from which you can choose the one that suits you well. Don’t forget to consider the pointers we told you about while making a purchase.