The Ultimate Tactical Wallet Guide

While everything from jackets to backpacks gets the tactical treatment, we’ve noticed that wallets often don’t receive the same attention. Although we are rapidly heading towards a cashless society, we haven’t quite reached there yet, and without a wallet, we’d have trouble managing our money.

Tactical wallets don’t waste a quarter-inch of space. Beyond effectively holding your cards and cash, every single corner of those flat cases is functional. From RFID-blocking technology to bottle openers and blades, different wallets offer different useful features. Every individual needs a pocket-friendly carrying device that fulfills a multi-purpose role and uses extremely durable materials.

These survival tools that you carry in the palm of your hand might seem like something easy to purchase. However, like every other survival equipment, there are a few important things to consider before you finally settle for one. We have made a list of those factors to assist you in buying a tactical wallet that fits your needs:

Things to Consider When Buying Tactical Wallet


Tactical wallets come in various designs. While minimalist metal wallets are one of the most popular ones out there, those who like to go on adventures in the wilderness prefer classic bi-fold and tri-fold wallets; these can hold enough supplies to last more than just a couple of days. It is important to evaluate your actual needs when you choose a wallet design.

Are you looking for a money holder with a fancy design that you can show off while opening a can of beer at your next party?  If so, then minimalist wallets are the ideal choice for you. If you are concerned about survival and calamities, the best option would be picking a tactical wallet that is equipped with a multi-tool and several compartments,  capable of holding all your compact pieces of equipment in place.


Intended for rugged and rough outdoor use, tactical wallets should be able to withstand harsh and extreme environmental conditions. Initially, these wallets were built for military purposes. Modern tactical wallets should be able to meet the same demands and show durability and resistance.

It is essential to choose metal tactical wallets that are made of rust-resistant materials and are lightweight. They should also have a perfect finish to avoid scratching your cards. Similarly, leather and canvas wallets should also be wear-resistant. Make sure you check the quality of the corner stitches and see that they are sturdy enough to hold the wallet in place.


Typically, a tactical wallet comes with multi-tools that are capable of handling several tasks, depending on the particular model. Moreover, this factor solely depends on your needs and requirements. For instance, if you are off to a cycling trip, it would be best to have a wallet that doubles as a screwdriver and wrench, but if you are more of an outdoor explorer looking to hike and camp, a multi-tool including a knife and rope would be more beneficial to you.


Wallets that come with RFID protection are a great investment. They are designed to block the signals that are emitted by your contactless cards, ID, and passes. This feature keeps you protected from electronic pickpocketing and identity theft. Remember that most of these wallets don’t protect against low-frequency signals, such as those emitted by some access passes and hotel room keys that work in the 125 kHz range; you might have to look for more specific features that can help you meet your needs.