Tactical holster with a gun

The Ultimate Tactical Holster Guide

Tactical holsters are a necessary addition to your kit for a combat situation or any expedition into the wild, for that matter. You would preferably want to go for the best tactical holster that gives you a convenient carry solution and helps you bring the sidearm into action immediately.

The tactical holster, also known as a thigh holster, is attached to your belt and drops down against your leg. The way it is positioned also gives it the title of a drop-leg tactical holster. The holster, once it drops by your leg, is tied around the thigh for added security and mobility.

If you carry a lot of stuff with you for camping or combat expeditions, putting excess load on your shoulder rig or flak jacket can be troublesome. Putting your handgun into a holster aids you in being ready for combat situations and in distributing the weight across your body.

The main motive for carrying a sidearm is that it should be easy to access during times of conflict. Without a holster, your sidearm would be in a less secure and accessible position. Regardless of the combat situation you are partaking in, you must have your sidearm positioned safely in an easily reachable location. Additionally, wherever you place your arm, it shouldn’t hinder you from sitting, crawling, running, kneeling, or squatting, for that matter.

Things to Consider When Buying A Tactical Holster

Here we look at some of the things you should consider when looking for a tactical holster.


Naturally, the first thing you should check is the material used for the holster. The materials for exterior cushioning, along with buckles and straps, help define the longevity and comfort of a holster. Ballistic Nylon and Cordura are preferable options here.

Design and Functionality

Once you are satisfied with the materials, you can go ahead to check the design and functionality. The methodology you use to wear your new holster is essential. If you’re strapping it onto your leg, then the straps should not have any flaws, and the buckle feature should work well. Any defects here can be harmful in the long run.


We have mentioned the importance of belts above as well, but it is best to consider them as an individual factor influencing your purchase as well. You can stop yourself from buying a holster if you feel that the straps aren’t comfortable to go around your thighs. Anything that seems inconvenient at first look would surely become hurt more over time.


The cost of the holster is the final consideration you should follow. You should be able to enjoy as many benefits as possible without breaking your bank or splashing more cash than you can afford. Know your range and find a tactical holster within it.

Once you have purchased a tactical hostler, you can tie it around your thighs and enter whatever activity you have planned. The hostler should be able to help you out in all activities, including combat-like situations.