The Ultimate Tactical Fanny Pack Guide

Are you looking for a tactical fanny pack that is multifunctional and suits all your outdoor needs? You need to look no further.

Convenience and space are always important factors to consider when it comes to packing for essentials while on the move. For a short excursion, carrying a huge backpack seems quite impractical, especially for the little amounts of supplies you require. In case you are planning to undergo military training or you need to carry your firearm in an easy-access way, then making use of a tactical fanny pack makes perfect sense.

The fanny pack should not only allow you to carry whatever supplies you deem necessary for your particular situation but also aid you in your physical activities without impeding your abilities or ways. They are your answer for convenient packing and with various sizes and styles available, you are sure to find an ideal fanny pack that works for you.

We know how difficult it can be to settle on a single product. Therefore, we’ve prepared a mini-guide to assist you with this process. Let’s start with some important things you need to consider when buying a fanny pack:

Things to Consider When Buying a Fanny Pack

Storage Capacity

Storage space is one of the most important things to consider in a fanny pack and this factor solely depends on you and your needs. Fanny packs come in several sizes and are designed for different types of activities.

While some people just need them to carry their phone, money, keys, and other compact valuable items which don’t require a lot of space, others need to use it as a replacement for their backpack on a camping, hiking, or hunting trip, thus needing more capacity to store their gear. Before settling for a tactical fanny pack, carefully decide its purpose.


In case of availability of several small compartments in your survival gear, it again comes down to your needs and your personal choice. Most packs have a huge main compartment which you can fill with all your personal belongings. However, the forepart of the fanny pack can be configured in different ways.

Some packs only come with one large front pocket while others come with several ones. The latter allows you to sort your smaller supplies with ease. Look for a design that comes with a hidden pack and a water bottle compartment for you to easily store your valuables and water bottle respectively on a camping or a hiking trip.


The purpose of a fanny pack is to be portable and light so that it can be used as an alternative to carrying heavy backpacks on your shoulder. Weight is an important feature to be considered. As mentioned previously, all these factors greatly depend on your personal preference. Sometimes you might need some extra support of a heavier bag to carry extra items while other times a few small supplies might be enough.

If you plan to perform vigorous physical activities, it is best to opt for packs that don’t weigh a lot and come with additional straps to hold the weight of any extra storage.


With fanny packs, you can have the reassurance of having your valuable belongings right in front of you. They provide extreme security as compared to backpacks, especially if you are roaming around in a crowded area or are traveling. You can be protected from pickpockets and the back pockets that are hidden from other’s view allow you to store your important possessions.

Water Resistance

Regardless of the type of activity you plan to perform or the type of gear you plan to carry, it is likely that it will come in contact with water sooner or later. This could happen from spills, splashes, and most likely from rainfall. To keep all your precious contents dry, it is essential that your fanny pack comes with a sufficient level of water resistance.

Tactical fanny packs are usually made from durable, tough materials and have an exterior water-resistant coating. Without the coating, even if the material of your fanny pack is waterproof, the water can make its way to your belongings through the zips.

Length of the Belt

Generally, a tactical fanny pack has one strap around the waist, therefore it’s best to find one that provides extra ease and comfort. This means that you need to make sure that it sits correctly on your waist and is of the correct length. Some of the belts are made to be fit on particular individuals while others come with a high degree of adjustability. The latter can fit women, men, and even children. Additional straps allow you to comfortably carry excess weight and provide increased versatility.

Water Bottle Holder

Survival gear is usually designed for physical activities such as running, hiking or hunting trips which require you to carry a sufficient amount of water with you. Therefore, they are designed in such a manner that you can carry your water bottle with easy. Depending on the amount of water you are planning to take with you, look for packs with one, two, or more water bottle slots.