Reebow Tactical Backpack Review

When it comes to long camping, hunting, and hiking trips, the biggest hassle is of carrying your belongings with comfort and ease. What better way to accomplish this hefty task than completing your survival gear with the best backpack out there?

Opting for a multipurpose assault pack such as the Reebow Tactical Backpack that also works as a combat backpack, hunting backpack, range backpack, military army backpack rucksack, range bag or trekking backpack might be your best option in such case.

With survival equipment, it is never good practice to visit a local store and grab the cheapest ones available. Online shopping allows you to carefully consider all the aspects of a product before you decide to invest in it. Not only is this backpack available on for purchase but you can also take a look at what other happy customers have to say about it!

Now we understand how important it is for you to end up with the most suitable piece of equipment. Therefore we’ve prepared a mini-guide to help you with this daunting task so that you can make an informed decision.

Things to Consider When Buying a Backpack

When you need to move your supplies with extreme ease while you are on the move, being equipped with the right gear is extremely important. However, it is also essential that it ticks all the right boxes. Is the amount of storage space sufficient? Is it durable and sturdy enough? And many more things to question before you make your decision. Following are some of the factors you need to consider to end up with the most suitable backpack for you:


When you’re going away from home for a trip, there are unlimited supplies that you need to carry with yourself. Not only does the total weight of your belongings matter but you also need to consider the weight of your empty backpack. Buying a pack that isn’t too heavy is essential to reduce the overall load you’ll have to carry. Remember, a lightweight bag can also be strong and durable so you don’t need to compromise on quality for this matter.


When it comes to backpacks, often one of the deal-breakers is the number of small compartments it has. Opt for a sophisticated model that comes with extra pockets for you to store your compact supplies that can get lost in the main storage compartment. A hydration bladder pocket is also one element to look for so that you can easily carry your hydration bladder without worrying about any other sharp objects poking and damaging it!


Although you might not always get the chance to inspect the comfort of a pack before you actually fill it with your gear, you can always look for some features that add to its comfort. Backpacks come in different back lengths and capacities. Look for the ones that allow you to adjust their parts according to your preference. You can also look for padded back area, padded shoulder straps, and silent zippers that can help in enhancing your experience.


If taken proper care of, a good backpack may last for several years and trek miles so it is probably a smart idea to invest in one that fulfills all your needs and is of high quality. However, purchasing quality products doesn’t mean that it’s necessary for you to break the bank. You can always look around for special discounts and sales.


Last but not the least; one important factor to consider is the material of your backpack. It needs to be of high density and capable of providing ultra-durability and sturdiness to the pack. A good-quality bag will not only last longer and bear increased stress and wear but will also be able to withstand extreme varying weathers and temperatures.

Key Features of Reebow Tactical Backpack

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Made of High-Density Fabric

The material of a product plays the most important role in determining its durability and lifespan. Reebow Tactical Backpack is manufactured with high-density fabric. This provides wear resistance and enhanced elasticity, reduces the overall weight of the backpack, makes it water-resistant (suitable to be used during rainfall), and provides some moisture-proof features. Due to the high-density fabric manufacturing, it’s best to store the bag in plastic when not in use.


Rainfall on your camping, hunting, or hiking trips is no excuse for soaked supplies. Even if you do everything right and check the weather reports carefully before planning and packing for your trip, weather changes are never in your hands. The Reebow is water-resistant, making it suitable to be used in moderate rainfall and to be situated on wet ground. Your goods can remain dry and safe regardless of the weather conditions.

Heavy-Duty Design

Backpacks are meant to carry heavy loads that you need to lug around on your trips. This Reebow Backpack is portable, versatile and allows you to keep your day-to-day essentials safe, secure, and ready to access in case of emergencies. It is double stitched and comes with side and front load compression system, utility-style cord pulls, comfortable padded back, and ventilated mesh-padded shoulder straps.

Hydration Compatible

A hydration pack is a type of hydration system. This system is built into a backpack which contains a bladder or reservoir commonly made of flexible plastic or rubber. Although the bladder isn’t included in the package, the hydration pack that comes with it allows you to carry one. This Military Backpack is hydration compatible that works great for a 2.5 L hydration bladder. You can now enjoy your trips without worrying about dehydration or going through the hassle of carrying extra water bottles with you every time you are on the move.


The Reebow Tactical Backpack has several functions and uses. Along with using it as a 3-day assault backpack, you can also use it as a range bag, survival backpack, hunting backpack, combat backpack, trekking backpack, and even as a military army backpack rucksack. The choice is completely up to you.

MOLLE System

This backpack comes with MOLLE system. MOLLE (pronounced “Molly”) is an acronym for Molecular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. The system allows you to attach various compatible pouches and accessories. This doesn’t only increase the storage space for you but also allows you to organize your smaller supplies in a better manner.

Specifications of Reebow Tactical Backpack

  • Brand Name: REEBOW GEAR
  • Item Weight: 02 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • Item Model Number: YWDRED626
  • Product Dimensions:
    • 11 (W) X 18 (H) X 12 (D) inches
    • 28 (W) X 45.5 (H) X 30 (D) CM
  • Fabric: High Density
  • Waterproof: No
  • Water-Resistant: Yes
  • Capacity: 34L

Pros of Reebow Tactical Backpack

  • Following are some pros of the Reebow:
  • Manufactured with high-density fabric
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Side and front load compression system
  • Double-stitched
  • Padded back and ventilated mesh-padded shoulder straps
  • Comes with a pocket for 2.5L hydration bladder
  • Uses MOLLE (for Molecular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system

Cons of Reebow Tactical Backpack

Following are some cons:

  • Doesn’t come with a hydration bladder
  • Poor quality zippers
  • Buckles are prone to fall off

Colors Available

TheReebow comes in the following 2 colors:

  • Black
  • Khaki

End Note

If buying a spacious and sturdy backpack for your next hiking, hunting, or camping trip is on your to-do list then the Reebow Tactical Backpack might just be what you’re looking for. It is praised for its lightweight, versatility, quality material, durability, storage capacity, and sturdiness. Click here for more information on the pack and to make an easy and quick purchase. The durability and extra features of this bag will help ease the load on your shoulders!

Frequently Asked Questions about Reebow Tactical Backpack

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Does the Reebow Tactical Backpack come with a flag patch?

Yes, this military backpack comes with the US flag patch.

If I’m not interested in using the waist strap, is there any way to take it off?

Yes, you can either remove it or simply adjust the straps on it to bring it closer to the back of the pack so that it isn’t hanging loose.

What is the general size of Reebow Tactical Backpack and can it fit under an airline seat?

With the dimensions of the bag being 11 X 18 X 12 inches, it is a relatively small backpack. If not fully loaded, it can easily be fit under an airline seat.

Does this backpack have an internal hook or strap to hold a hydration bladder vertically in place?

Yes, it comes with two Velcro straps in the hydration bladder compartment.