Best Waterproof Backpack – Guide & Reviews

When you go on an outdoor adventure, you need a bag to haul your gear. If you are into snowboarding, skiing, hiking, or boating, you need a waterproof bag.

Taking care of your gear means taking care of yourself, and when you are out in the wild taking care of your gear means keeping it dry and protected.

Waterproof backpacks are an essential part of any trip through the great outdoors, and picking the right one can be something of a process.

Carry capacity, materials, closure, quality of build, and a host of other options and factors need to be considered before you can make an informed decision about what backpack is going to meet your needs.

To make that chore a little easier, I’ve assembled some reviews of popular waterproof backpacks to help you figure out which one may be the best fit for your needs. Check out this list of the best all around options for waterproof backpacks.

Recommended Best Waterproof Backpack

1. 30L DELUXE Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

30L DELUXE Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

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When it comes to waterproof backpacks, having one that floats is always a great option.

Being able to stow your personal belongings, electronics, and any valuables that need to stay dry in a backpack that also floats if it falls into the water is essential to making your outdoor adventure safe and enjoyable.

This particular model keeps sand, dirt, snow, and water on the outside with your stuff safely nestled away on the inside.

Rainstorms, wind storms, dust storms can’t reach your survival gear, and a scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom means that the likelihood of leaks and breakage are a remote possibility.

The carry straps are high quality and comfortable, making all day carrying easy on your back and shoulders. Best of all the bright yellow color keeps you safe in the woods or out on the water by increasing your visibility.

I’d recommend this as a good a good starter pack for anyone who enjoys water or snow sports, and for anyone that needs a medium capacity waterproof backpack for school or their daily commute.


  • Floats-integrated drag handle
  • Fully waterproof, dust proof, and airtight
  • Side pouches for extra kit or water bottles
  • Bright color for improved visibility


  • Top closure has a learning curve
  • Tie-down straps tend to snag
  • Mesh carry pouches are not very durable
  • Bulky if not packed properly

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2. Driftsun Dry Gear Waterproof Backpack

Driftsun Dry Gear Roll-Top Waterproof Backpack

Editor Rating:

In terms of option and features, this is the creme-de-la-creme of truly waterproof backpacks.

Both the 40L capacity model and 20L capacity model have the same features, so you can purchase a bag that best suits your needs without going overkill on storage space.

This bag is guaranteed 100% waterproof thanks to its roll-top closure, and its two-way self sealing system allows it to float when dropped in water for easy recovery.

The outer shells is constructed from 500 denier-count PVC Taurpaulin material, which is the same type of textile used to construct white water rafts.

It is also stain resistant, anti-static, flame retardant, antibacterial/mildew resistant, and provides UV protection for all your gear on the go in the wilderness.

This backpack also brings the comfort with features like a mesh back and carry straps to keep you cool during all day carrying, and it even has an internally padded laptop sleeve for commuters and business people that want a truly waterproof commuter bag.

Overall, I’d say this bag is a bargain for those in the market for a multi-tasking waterproof backpack that is both affordable and long lasting.


  • Integrated padded laptop sleeve
  • 100% waterproof
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Floats when dropped in water.


  • Smaller mesh side pockets
  • Outer pocket access not 100% wateproof
  • Options are relatively small or very large, no in between
  • Rides higher on the back, which some users may find uncomfortable if they are unused to that sort of “ride” in a backpack.

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3. Chaos Ready® Waterproof Backpack

Chaos Ready® Waterproof Backpack

Editor Rating:

This is a more streamlined model than the Vichelo that offers similar features in a more compact package.

Essentially a bag constructed from the same textile as PVC tarpaulins, the main storage pocket of this bag is as watertight as it gets.

It floats when dropped in water, and the seams are high frequency welded to provide maximum waterproofing and durability. The closure is a fold top that is guaranteed to keep your gear inside and the water on the outside.

Additionally, this model has a mesh side pocket for extra kit or a water bottle, and a flap-closure outer pocket for gear that needs to stay easily accessible. When it comes to safety and water proofing, you really can’t do much better than Chaos Ready gear in terms of price versus benefits.

This is a good choice of backpack for those who don’t need a high capacity pack, but they do need a dependable waterproof bag to take with them on excursions in the mountains or out on the lake.


  • Class 3 Waterproof main compartment
  • 500 PVC tarupaulin material
  • High frequency welded seams
  • Outer pockets for easy access
  • Keeps dust, dirt, and grime out


  • Comparatively small size
  • Outer flap pocket is not waterproof
  • No breathable mesh backing for carrying surface
  • No breathable mesh on carry straps
  • Carry straps are not reinforced

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4. Uoobag KT-01 Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Uoobag KT-01 Waterproof Business Laptop Backpack

Editor Rating:

A waterproof backpack designed with the active commuter in mind, this bag was built from the ground up to meet the needs of everyday business users.

It can accommodate up to a 15.6-inch laptop, a tablet. In addition to the padded laptop sleeve, it also has an anti theft pocket, a tablet pocket, and zip closure side pockets for storing gear or water bottles.

As if this were not enough, it also has a paper/folder/magazine storage pocket integrated with the carrying area, which i meshed for cooler all day carrying even in warmer weather.

The cool mesh straps are also well designed, reinforced,and integrate a sunglasses holder and earbud guides to help you stay organized and squared-away on the go.

There’s a lot to love about this bag, and the fact that it can withstand rain and wind while keeping your personal effects and electronics safe and dry is a huge bonus.

For commuters who take the subway, bus, street, or who ride a bike to work, this is the best choice for carrying all of your necessary work gear from A to B.


  • Water-resistant
  • Heavy-duty 210D Nylon construction
  • Padded electronics pockets
  • Organizer interior
  • Many comfort options only found on higher end models


  • Does not float
  • Not 100% guaranteed waterproof
  • Does not fit larger gaming laptops
  • Nylon Denier-count is light compared to many similar models

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5. ProEtrade Multipurpose Travel Backpack

ProEtrade Multipurpose Large Oversize Waterproof Travel Outdoor School Backpack

Editor Rating:

Probably the most versatile of these five waterproof backpacks this model really has it all.

Heavy duty padding and mesh in the shoulder straps and back make this comfortable to carry all day, while clip closures help balance and support carry weight.

All zippers on this model are high quality, and are designed to prevent catching and breakage even with regular rough use. Internally, there are pockets for everything.

From your laptop to your smartphone, every possible convenience and protection is afforded within the spacious interior of the ProEtrade, and the streamlined appearance is both appealing and functional.

This is probably the all around best commuter bag out of the whole bunch, and offers many premium features not found on similarly priced models.

Best of all, it comes in a variety of vibrant colors to keep you safe and visible when on the road or on the trail. I’d recommend this for anyone who wants a bright commuter bag that also doesn’t mind the rain and can take a beating from daily use.


  • Water resistant
  • Heavy duty construction-Interior padded lining
  • Bright colors available
  • Extra comfortable carrying straps


  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Does not float in water
  • No side pockets for a water bottle or other items
  • Zippered closures often let water in unintentionally.

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Final Verdict

If I were buying a truly waterproof bag to use every day at work or when I go hiking or biking, I would choose the Driftsun Dry Gear Roll-Top Waterproof Backpack.

In terms of options, it really doesn’t get any better: bright colors, roll-top cover, extra pockets, a laptop pocket, and 100% waterproof floating goodness.

I rarely lose anything when I am out out on the water, but I don’t want it ti ruin my day if my bag goes over the side and straight to the bottom with no hope of recovery.

Driftsun’s offering gives me peace of mind about how my stuff is stored safely, and about the possibility of exposing my prized possessions or survival gear. You pack it dry, it stays dry, end of discussion.

That’s what I want my waterproof backpack to do for me, and it’s what you should demand of your waterproof backpack too.

Order a Driftsun Dry Gear Roll-Top Waterproof Backpack today, and see how waterproof can make all the difference to you on your next outdoor adventure or daily commute.