Best Three Day Pack - Guide & Reviews

If you like to go into the great outdoors all the time like me, then you know the importance of having the best gear. I try to head out camping and backpacking at least three or four times a year if possible, but I will take any chance I can to get some fresh air and rid myself of the stresses of modern life.

Recently, I had to find a new backpack after my old one ripped during my last trip. While I was looking around for bags, I started to check out models that had military-grade specs.

I figured that if it’s good enough for soldiers, it should be good enough for me, right? One variation that I came across was the “three-day pack.” This is a backpack model that is designed as something of a bug-out bag so that you can survive with everything you need for three days if necessary.

So what does that mean exactly? It means that you have compartments for everything, such as water bladders, food, and clothing.

These bags are more organized so that you can equip them with all the supplies necessary for survival. Instead of a general rucksack, these are more specialized.

Nonetheless, since most of my trips are quick weekend hikes, I figured that they would suit me well. If you’re looking for a rugged backpack for heading out into the wild or like to stay prepared with a bug-out bag, check out these three-day packs.

Recommended Best Three Day Pack

1. UTG 3-Day Situational Preparedness Pack

UTG 3-Day Situational Preparedness Pack

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The first bag we’re going to check out is the UTG 3-Day Situational Preparedness Pack.

This is a sleek and elegant bag that is made of some high-quality material and will keep all of your stuff organized and secure.

I like the all black design because then it won’t show dirt as well, and when you’re outside as much as me, that’s a plus.

As far as storage is concerned, this bag has everything you need for a three-day excursion to anywhere. I would most likely suggest this as a quality bug-out bag, but it can certainly work for backpacking in the wilderness as well.

The material is 1200 Denier, which is almost as tough as nylon and will help keep your contents dry. The bag also comes with a rain cover so that if you are caught in a storm, you can make sure that your gear doesn’t get soaked.

When it comes to weight distribution, this bag has a chest and a waist strap so you can load it up without cutting into your shoulders.

For most military style bags, you need extra straps to spread the weight around; otherwise, you’ll have a bad time.


  • Durable 1200 denier material
  • Water resistant
  • Three-tiered storage options
  • Sleek black design
  • Heavy duty zippers and closures
  • Rain cover included
  • Thick padded shoulder straps
  • Chest strap for better weight distribution
  • Waist belt included


  • In rare cases, the straps may start to tear under extreme pressure
  • Insides may get wet in heavy rain
  • Chest strap may start to come undone with heavy weight

2. Paratus 3 Day Operator's Backpack

Paratus 3 Day Operator's Pack Military Style MOLLE Compatible Tactical Backpack

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When comparing various 3-Day Packs, one of my favorite models is the Paratus Operator’s Tactical Backpack.

This is something that you could easily find being used by US Marines on the job, which makes it one of the best bags I’ve seen.

One of the defining features of any military-style bag is the MOLLE system. The acronym stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, and it’s the standard for all US military packs and rucksacks.

What this means is that you can attach different MOLLE bags to the side of your backpack, thus making it more useful and versatile. One of the best things I like to attach is a water bottle holder so that it’s always ready to go.

The bag itself is made of heavy duty 600D nylon, which is naturally waterproof. The pack is also coated with a water-resistant material for extra protection against rain and inclement weather.

It has three MOLLE packs on the sides, including a rapid deployment bag for your convenience. If you need to store any essentials, this is the compartment to use. The bag is also compatible with hydro packs, so you don’t need a water bottle handy.


  • Durable 600D nylon material
  • Waterproof
  • Modular design
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Three packs in one
  • Comes in five distinct colors
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Thick padded shoulder straps
  • Chest and waist strap for better weight handling
  • Includes a rapid deployment pack for convenience
  • Compatible with hydro packs
  • Double stitched seams for better durability


  • Snaps may not be as high quality as other components
  • In rare cases, the zippers may break or jam
  • Waist strap may come undone under stress

3. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

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Next, we have another capable model with the Condor 3-Day Assault Pack.

Despite the name, this is not necessarily a bag that you will want to take on an assault. It’s more just a badass name than anything.

Nonetheless, this is an excellent bug-out bag or for general use. You can take it backpacking, but you do have to try to keep it out of the rain. The bag itself is coated in water-resistant material, but water may still leak in through the zippers if you’re not careful.

As far as storage goes, this bag has everything you need, including space for a hydro pack, so you don’t have to carry around a water bottle. Overall, there are seven different compartments inside for easy organization.

One thing that I do appreciate about this particular model is that it comes with a foam back pad for extra comfort. When you load your backpack with gear stuff can sometimes shift and start poking you, so having a pad there is a nice touch.

The Condor comes with a full set of straps, including thick shoulder straps, a chest strap, and a waistband. All of them are highly comfortable and disperse weight remarkably well.


  • Comes in six dynamic colors
  • Durable material
  • Water resistant
  • Large capacity pack
  • Seven total compartments
  • Hydro pack compatible
  • Thick padded shoulder straps
  • Chest and waist strap for better weight handling
  • Foam back pad included for comfort


  • In rare instances, the zippers may break suddenly
  • May leak water in heavy rain
  • Snaps may not be as high quality as other components
  • Not ideal for heavy equipment and hauling (more than 50 pounds)

4. OneTigris BUSHCRAFTER 50L 3 Day Pack

Paratus 3 Day Operator's Pack Military Style MOLLE Compatible Tactical Backpack

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If you want the ultimate 3-Day pack, I would highly suggest getting the OneTigris Bushcrafter Military Assault Backpack.

This model has everything you need and more, going so far as to create a truly military-grade bag for civilian use.

The first thing that I like about this bag is the material. Most 3-day packs are made of synthetics, but the best ones use 600D nylon. The OneTigris, however, uses 1000D nylon, which is much stronger, almost impenetrable, and naturally waterproof.

That means that you can load up your pack as much as you want and it will hold fast.The other thing I like about this bag is that it has so much space. The main storage area is fifty liters, which is bigger than most of the other bags on this list.

It is also MOLLE compatible and comes with a large side pack for additional storage. Inside you have space for everything, including a hydro pack if necessary.

Overall, this is the bag that I would trust to have by my side whenever I go camping or backpacking in the wilderness.


  • Ultra durable 1000D nylon
  • Waterproof material
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Large side pack for extra storage
  • Huge storage area
  • Comes in three vibrant colors
  • Hydro pack compatible
  • Thick padded shoulder straps
  • Chest and waist straps included


  • In rare cases, the bag may arrive smaller than described. Return immediately if that is the case
  • In some instances, the snaps may break easily
  • Zippers can get caught easily
  • In heavy rain, the bag may leak through the zipper line

How to Choose a Three-Day Pack

When it comes to considering a 3-day pack, many of them will have the same features. However, there are three main factors that you should look at before you make a decision. They are listed in detail below.


As I mentioned, most military style packs are made with durable synthetics, and the best ones are made with nylon. Denier material is also great, but nylon is usually the preferred material used by the military.

As you saw, nylon is classified by number, meaning that the higher it is, the more durable and water resistant it will be. For the most part, 600D nylon is the standard.

Also, be sure to look at the stitching on the straps to ensure that they are just as durable as the bag itself.


Another certification that backpacks have is the size, which is measured in liters. For example, the OneTigris bag is a 50-liter model, which is one of the bigger sizes available. Most standard backpacks are 30-40 liters for comparison.

What you should take into consideration is how much stuff you need and for how long you will use the bag. Just because they are “3-day” packs doesn’t mean you have to use them for three days.


As far as organization goes, look at the number of compartments available. If you like to stay organized, then you need a good mix of large and small pockets so you can keep everything handy. Also, be aware of side and front pockets that you can use for smaller items.

For best results, pick a bag that is MOLLE compatible and purchase several additional MOLLE packs to go with it. That way you can mix and match whatever you need. What I like to do is pre-pack the MOLLE bags so I can simply swap them out when I need them.

Final Verdict

When looking at these backpacks, two of them stand out. The Paratus and the OneTigris bags are by far the best regarding durability and extra features, plus they are both MOLLE compatible. If you want a serious bag that will stand up to anything, I would highly recommend those. Also check out our review on the best tactical daypack