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Most people don’t need to think long and hard before buying something as simple as a lunch box. Anything that holds your food is good, right?

This doesn’t really apply to people who have extreme hobbies or jobs. If you’re a mountain climber, trekker, ranger, or in the military, you’ll understand the relevance of having the perfect lunch box. When you’re constantly working on-site or in the roughest terrain, having a tactical lunch box that stores all your food and drinks and keeps them from spoiling can sound like a blessing.

Tactical lunch boxes are made to facilitate you on your adventures, journeys, or your tough jobs where you might not get another stop to replenish your food stock, and where the temperatures might threaten to spoil your food. These lunch boxes are lightweight and convenient to carry and don’t weigh you down.

Most people put a lot of thought into buying the ideal backpack and often end up neglecting the need for a sturdy lunch box. With enough experience, they realize the importance of investing in one.

Working and traveling in such rough terrains can be emotionally and physically taxing enough already, so food should not be a worry. Buying a tactical lunch box will rid you of the unnecessary and constant worrying about food on your travels and work trips.

They can also be used by office-going people and even school children to store their lunch, snacks, and water in one place. The convenience of the tactical lunch bag makes it great for use just about anywhere.

It can even be used by recreational travelers, who are habitual of camping out, trekking and exploring the wild mountains or jungles. If your idea of ‘fun’ includes summiting mountain tops, trekking across harsh terrain and crossing raging rivers, you might want to think about getting a tactical lunch box for yourself. If your job involves leading expeditions against insurgents in isolated terrains, forest foraging, or protecting extreme borders as part of the military, a tactical lunch box is what you need.

The ideal tactical lunch bag should be easy to carry, have enough room to fit multiple meals and allow you to carry snacks and water too. You can also store utensils, napkins and just about anything you’d need at mealtimes.

There are several brands and types of tactical lunch boxes available. They offer different qualities and features, across a varied scale of prices. Choosing one can be tricky as the combination of features that the lunch box you choose provides should be tailored to your specific requirements. Therefore, the decision should be well-thought-out.

Best Tactical Lunch boxes out there

There are countless options available to when it comes to tactical lunch boxes. They combine different features and offer a lunch box that is strong, convenient, and cost-effective. Let’s look at some of our favorites and determine which one is the best tactical lunch box out there.

HSD Tactical Lunch bag

By far the most popular and a favorite among users, the tactical lunch bag from High Speed Daddy is considered the best one out there.

Made of high-quality, military-grade, 600D waterproof polyester, HSD’s lunch bags are lined with 8mm thick foam and waterproof aluminum from the inside to maintain the temperature of the food. It also comes with MOLLE webbing on the rear to attach extra pouches and compartments.

The front lid has a mesh pocket inside for storing icepacks, and there is a large zippered compartment at the front for the storage of utensils, napkins, phones or anything under the sun.

HSD’s tactical lunchbox claims to be Phthalate, Formaldehyde and lead-free, conforming to CA65 standards. It can be folded for convenient storage when not in use and washed in the dishwasher!

The tactical lunchbox from High Speed Daddy is available on Amazon in four colors and two sizes. At $25, we think it is a total steal! It is economical yet sturdy, which is why it was ranked as the best tactical lunchbox in 2019 by sellers.


We can’t think of any!


Product Dimensions:10.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches

Item Weight: 13.8 ounces

Click here to buy your very own HSD Tactical Lunchbox.

Carhartt Deluxe Dual Compartment Lunch bag

Made of heavy-duty,1200-denier heavy-duty polyester, material, Carhartt’s insulated lunch cooler bag has dual compartments, with a front compartment for storing utensils and a top compartment to keep your crisps from getting squished. The medium size is good enough to fit six cans of beer.


This Carhartt’s tactical lunch bag is water-repellent, but not water-proof. Though it will protect your gear during light rain and drizzle, it won’t be able to hold up against more than that.

Also, the straps aren’t detachable but are strewn on with triple stitching to ensure it doesn’t tear away with rough use.


Product Dimensions:10.5 x 10.3 x 8.5 inches

Item Weight: 9.8 ounces

To purchase Carhartt’s Deluxe Dual Compartment Lunch box, head over to Amazon.

14er Tactical Lunch Bag

Made of 100% high density, 600D Polyester, 14er’s Tactical lunch bag is rated as one of the best. Instead of the regular 5mm insulation, 14er uses 8mm, ensuring food and drinks are kept warm or cold throughout. The bag also includes rubber feet at the bottom so it can stay protected from dirt and mud while outdoors on the floor. It allows for the compartmentalization of food items from other essentials.

It has space for a 6-pack inside, while the top compartment can hold 4 more cans; so size isn’t really an issue. It comes with an internal mesh pocket and a front pocket to store other essentials like keys, utensils, and phones. The strap is fully adjustable, and the lunch bag is equipped with MOLLE web that allows it to be attached to your larger backpack.

14er also gives a lifetime warranty. In case of any sort of damage, they’ll happily replace your lunch bag.


Though it has a lot of space, it is not as sturdy as other tactical lunch boxes. Overloading the top compartment can cause the bag to be weighed down.


Package Dimensions:12 x 10 x 9 inches

Item Weight: 1.3 pounds

If you are looking to buy 14er’s Tactical Lunch box, look no farther. Order yours here.

EastWest USA Tactical Insulated Lunch box

Constructed with the highest grade of 600 Denier Fabric, EastWest’s tactical lunch box keeps your food warm and your drinks cold through its padded insulation. It features three separate compartments and an adjustable shoulder strap. The design is chic, and the pockets and prominent zippers make it a great option for school children’s or an office-goer’s lunchboxes.


It is too small. With only 9.5” in width, it isn’t spacious enough to fit anything more than a meal and a thermos.


Product Dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 8 inches

Item Weight: 12 ounces

Buy yours right now by following this link.

ThinkFit Insulated Lunch box

This lunch box is best for people who have hectic work schedules, are mostly outdoors, or are traveling in groups. Though slightly on the pricier side, ThinkFit’s Insulated lunch box comes with so many extra bonuses that the extra cash might be worth it.

With ThinkFit’s lunchbox, you get 6 food containers, a thermos, a pill dispenser, and a reusable ice pack. The lunch bag has six compartments! If you’re going out for a picnic with your friends, you can literally pack all of your food in this one bag. The containers are microwaveable, freezable, and are made of high-quality plastic.

It has a snap-lid design that opens from all four sides and additional pockets and detachable straps on both sides. It is the perfect accessory to your camping trip or your day out in the wild. The shaker comes with three attachable compartments.

You can also claim a lifetime warranty on ThinkFit’s tactical lunchbox, where they offer to replace to replace your bag or refund your money if you’re not satisfied.


Product Dimensions:16.5 x 7.5 x 8 Inches

Item Weight: 12 ounces

Get your ThinkFit Lunch box today by following this link.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tactical Lunch box

Tactical lunch boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and offer a plethora of features that an outdoors person would find useful. Some are pretty basic, while some provide additional material that you didn’t even know that you needed. Before making a decision, it is best to do your homework on what you should be looking for. Here is a well-researched guide about the important features to look for in a lunch bag.


Perhaps the most important question you should be asking is what material is the lunch box made from and how durable will that material be? Military-grade, sturdy nylon and polyester are common materials used in the making of tactical lunch boxes. The material should be able to outlive the rough handling and exposure to the environment, as well as be immune to wear and tear. You want the lunch box to last you a few years at least.


Size is another consideration, which is heavily dependent on you. You need to assess what size will best serve your purpose. It can be a small size that can fit in a meal and a thermos or a large-sized one that can carry a six-pack of beers easily. Size also affects the ease of carrying it; if you expect to be walking around a lot and don’t want to be weighed down by a large lunchbox, perhaps you should opt for a smaller one. It really depends on what you prefer more; convenience of traveling or the amount of food you can carry.


The more the compartments, the better! There are basic lunch boxes out there that only have a compartment or two to store lunch and water, but there are far fancier ones available, too. They come with separate compartments for snacks, condiments, and various other food items. Some even come with detachable compartments that you can attach if you need more space, or detach when you aren’t carrying quite so much.

Additional Material

Some of the pricier lunch boxes come with additional goodies! Re-sealable pouches, extra Velcro and compartments, a built-in thermos, icepack, and even nourishment packs; you name it, it’s all there.

Water Resistance

Of course, your lunch box needs to be waterproof if you expect to spend most of your time outdoors, traveling, or working. In case of rain, snow, or water streams on your way to your camping destination, a waterproof tactical lunch box will keep your edibles safe.

Straps and belts

Ease of carrying is definitely up there with the most important features to look for in your tactical lunch box. While most come with adjustable, durable shoulder straps, some might even offer belts to wear it like a fanny pack, which could free up your hands and shoulders for tough climbing or carrying around other bags.


Most tactical lunch boxes are lined from within with thick foam to cushion their contents against bumps, falls and scrapes. The thickness of the foam varies from one lunch box to the other, with extremely padded ones suitable for situations where rough handling is expected.

It goes without saying that the more the features, and the higher the quality, the pricier it will be. Price could be another consideration in making a decision if you’re on a budget. Look for the best possible one within your range; not everybody needs the additional materials and cushioning, anyway.

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