Best Tactical Laptop Backpack – Guide & Reviews

While there are hundreds of tactical backpacks and even more laptop bags on the market, it’s hard to find the perfect combination for both.

You may be a hiker that blogs about nature. You could spend a lot of time on the road and work from your computer. Or you may just want to look awesome when you carry your laptop to class.

Whatever your reason may be, there are very few tactical backpacks out there that are great for carrying a computer as well. Because most are designed for survival and adventure, they are not often designed with this in mind.

However, many do still offer all the great aspects of a tactical backpack while also providing a perfect space for carrying your computer.

After all, it’s not unrealistic that one would need to carry a computer in the same scenarios for which these tactical bags are designed.

So to help you find the perfect combination, we did our research, did some testing and got some advice in order to help you find the very best tactical laptop backpack.

Since each individual’s needs are different, these are not ranked in any particular order. Some will have benefits that are crucial for one person but are just unnecessary bells and whistles to another. With that in mind, here’s what we found.

Recommended Best Tactical Laptop Backpack

1. 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack

Durability, price and the material of the bag are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when deciding upon the perfect laptop backpack.

These are things with which the 3V excels. It also has several specialized compartments but not so many that it takes away from the main storage space.

This is important for people who plan to use their tactical backpack for carrying laptops or other larger items. This backpack has several MOLLE attachments, the importance of which I cannot overstress.

The MOLLE system allows you to attach and carry several additional items while not requiring additional storage space. It is also hydration bladder ready while still keeping your hands free for other important tasks.

Another great benefit of this product is the wide opening provided by the nylon zippers. They are placed in a perfect position to allow easy access for retrieving your computer or anything else that would require a wide space.

It’s made of durable 600D PVC nylon which makes it perfect for both outdoors and in. The material provides just the right amount of rigidity while still remaining comfortable and weather resistant.

The shoulder, hip and sternum straps are durable and adjustable which makes the bag very flexible people of any size or body type.

The back panel is ventilated and EVA molded, which goes a long way to help you stay comfortable while carrying it for longer periods of time.


  • 600D PVC backed nylon gives the bag a great amount of rigidity– providing the perfect combination of rugged and comfortable
  • Placement of the nylon zippers provide wide access which is important for carrying a laptop or other larger items
  • Multiple MOLLE attachments allow you to carry additional items without requiring additional storage space
  • Adjustable shoulder, hip and sternum straps allow flexibility for individuals of any body type
  • External secondary compartment and internal pockets provide specialized space without taking up too much of the main storage area
  • One of the larger backpacks in this review without being too bulky


  • Could be considered bulky by some
  • Hydration system compatible but bladder not included
  • Rigid nylon may not be ideal for everyone– if not adjusted properly it can become uncomfortable

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2. SUNVP Tactical Military Sling Pack Bag

SUNVP Tactical Military Daypack Sling Chest Pack Bag

This is one of the coolest looking military style tactical bags available while still being practical and durable.

It’s ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, climbing and others but also great for everyday use.

This one is designed to fit things like a laptop and other electronics which sets it apart from many of the other tactical backpacks on the market.

This model is a triangle-style shoulder sling bag making it fashionable and easy to carry. The sling has velcro and strap adjustments to fit any body size or shape.

It’s main compartment is designed to fit a laptop of up to 14 inches along with a tablet, notebook or documents. It also has several different specialized compartments that are great for cell phones, survival wallets, keys and other small items.

It has several velcro MOLLE attachment areas, although the attachments themselves are sold separately. It is a multi-functional, practical bag that looks cool but also weather resistant and rugged.


  • Large main compartment that is specifically designed to fit laptops of up to 14 inches
  • Additional compartments are great for your phone, keys, snacks and whatever other small items you need to carry
  • Multi-functional and is just as good for everyday use as it would be for survival mode
  • Triangle-style shoulder sling is adjustable and sets in apart from other tactical backpacks
  • Multiple velcro MOLLE attachments to allow for additional items without taking away from the main storage space
  • 600D nylon that is weather resistant and rugged while also comfortable and cool-looking


  • Shoulder sling style may not be ideal it you plan to carry heavy items for long periods of time
  • No hydration bladder system and MOLLE attachments are all sold separately
  • Lots of pockets and pouches that are great for carrying small items but take away from the main storage space

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3. KAKA Backpack for 17-inch Laptops

KAKA Backpack for 17-inch Laptops

The KAKA backpack is designed specifically for carrying your laptop and any additional office materials.

It is one of the larger bags in this review and will fit laptops of up to 17 inches while still being easy to carry. This one is flexible and adaptable for multiple uses.

It is made of terylene oxford fabric which sets it apart from many other military style backpacks. The material provides a great amount of rigidity and durability to ensure that this bag will last for a while.

Although the outer material is not as rugged as some of the other, it is lined with a weather resistant webbing that makes it very adaptable to outdoor use.

This product has additional compartments but not as many as some of the others. It has the largest main compartment space of any in this review and is the best one for carrying several larger items.


  • Designed specifically for carrying laptops, electronic and other similar items
  • Much larger main compartment space compared to most other military style tactical backpacks that put a premium on additional compartments
  • Made of terylene oxford fabric that is durable and comfortable
  • Lined with a weather resistant material to ensure your stuff stays dry
  • Comes with a one year manufacturer warranty
  • Largest backpack in this review


  • Can be a little bulky
  • No MOLLE attachments or hydration bladder system capabilities
  • Main material is not as water resistant as many other bags in this review
  • Good for outdoors, but better for everyday use

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4. Seibertron Waterproof Molle Laptop Backpack

Seibertron Waterproof Laptop Backpack

This backpack is great for just about any use. It is large enough to carry your laptop along with several additional items in the main compartment.

It also has multiple additional compartments including a side pocket that is perfect for a water bottle.

This is one of the few tactical backpacks that is designed with laptop carrying in mind. The Seibertron is made of 900D nylon that is rugged and totally waterproof. It has adjustable shoulder straps and can also be used as a sling bag.

The straps are breathable and wide to ensure maximum comfort. It also allows for multiple MOLLE attachments and is one of the cooler looking tactical backpacks (in my opinion) available.


  • Large backpack that is mostly main compartment space. The external dimensions are 15 x 10 x 2
  • Wide shoulder straps (1.5 inches) can also be adjusted to use as a sling bag and are comfortable either way
  • 900D nylon is completely waterproof and sets it apart from other laptop backpacks
  • Great for any outdoor use and can be used every day
  • Rugged and durable while still being practical. It has several specialized compartments that are great for everyday stuff or bug out stuff
  • Multiple MOLLE attachment areas


  • Can be a bit bulky
  • Not as many specialized compartments as most other tactical bags
  • No hydration bladder system capabilities

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5. Red Rock Outdoor Navigator Laptop Bag

Red Rock Outdoor Navigator Laptop Bag

While the other bags in this review are tactical backpacks that are designed to carry laptops, this one is a laptop bag that is designed for tactical stuff.

It is more of your traditional laptop bag in comparison with the others but has two contoured backpack shoulder straps to provide flexibility and ease in carrying.

The Red Rock bag is made of a rugged 600D polyester with a weather resistant PVC lining that will keep your belongings dry. It also has a padded internal sleeve that will help keep your laptop snug and cozy.

It comes with twelve additional storage compartments and detachable dividers that help streamline between office mode and outdoor mode.

Twelve sounds like a lot, but the ability to detach the dividers allows for maximum main compartment space.


  • Laptop bag that doubles as a tactical backpack. It has a zippered compartment in the back to store the backpack straps
  • Rugged but comfortable outer material and weather resistant PVC lining inside
  • Padded area that is specifically designed to keep your laptop safe
  • MOLLE webbing throughout for multiple attachments. Compartments come with detachable dividers that prevent wasted space
  • The most flexible and customizable bag in this review


  • Smallest bag in this review
  • No hydration bladder system

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How to Choose Best Tactical Laptop Backpack

Now you have all the info, and it’s time to make a decision. Of course, the factors that go into determining which one is best all depend upon your own individual needs. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind that are universal.

When making your decision, the first thing to think about is how you plan to use the bag. Does it need to be a tactical backpack that can occasionally fit your laptop? Or should it be a laptop bag that is also good for the outdoors?

The answer is probably somewhere in the middle, but just think about how you plan to use the bag and how often you will be carrying it.

The most important things to consider are:

  • Material
  • Straps
  • ​Compartments
  • ​MOLLE attachments and other capabilities
  • ​Weather resistance
  • ​Size
  • Price

There will probably be additional factors that go into your decision-making, but these should always be somewhere in there.

Final Verdict

Personally, I am torn between the Seibertron Waterproof MOLLE Backpack and the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Navigator.

Both are ideal for carrying your laptop outdoors or in any scenario. The Seibertron is the larger of the two and provides the most space, while the Red Rock is the most flexible and adaptable.

While they both lack some tactical aspects– hydration bladder systems, for instance– they are the most suited for carrying your laptop regularly. Both are comfortable and weather resistant, and they both look pretty cool.

They also both offer the ability for several MOLLE attachments while not containing too many unnecessary additional compartments that would just take up space.