Best Tactical Daypack – Guide & Reviews

Best Tactical Daypack – Guide & Reviews

Tactical Daypacks are ideal for any outdoor activity. Whether you’re going on a hike, camping trip, or travelling around, a daypack is recommended. They are like backpacks, but typically have extra features that allow you to spend more time outdoors.

This review will look at some popular Tactical daypacks to help you decide which one would be the best for you. Some helpful considerations will help you narrow your search, and the final verdict will recommend one of them.

1. SUNVP 12L Mini Daypack

SUNVP 12L Mini Daypack

This daypack is large enough to hold 12L of supplies. The main pocket can hold a 10” tablet. A 500ml water bottle can be stored on the side of the daypack for easy storage. The front pocket can hold a cell phone under 6”. It is made from high-intensity military-style nylon.

It is scratch resistant, and doesn’t fade when in the elements.

The daypack is waterproof, allowing you to take it out in wet conditions. Even if water does get inside the pack, it won’t rot, thanks to the design. It is strong enough to use in wet environments, even for long periods of time.

The external expansion system allows you to attach other equipment to it. You can attach pockets, water bottle bag, and other parts to the pack. It’s ideal for going out on a long weekend.

The high-strength nylon buckle is durable enough to last a long time. It’s ideal for using for any outdoor activity.


  • Can carry up to 60 lbs.
  • Zippered pockets throughout the bagIt fits snug and comfortably
  • It is durable
  • Small enough for people
  • Ideal for taking to amusement parks


  • Bag padding stays wet
  • Shoulder straps are small
  • Needs more pockets
  • May not hold everything

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2. NPUSA Men’s Large Expandable Daypack

NPUSA Men's Large Expandable Tactical Molle Hydration ReadyBackpack Daypack

The daypack is 600D high density polyester. It’s ideal for using it daily, even for rugged trips. The USA flag patch is Velcro, and removable. It has a MOLLE strap system that allows you to attach extra pockets to it. The D rings allow you to clip your water bottle to the shoulder straps.

It has side load compression straps to keep the load tight. There is a water bladder inside the main compartment. The hose comes through a hole at the top of the pack.

There are six total pockets, and an organizer inside the main compartment. It can hold a lot of supplies for any trip you want to take. There is an extra 2” of storage space in the perimeter zipper.

The daypack is comfortable enough to take on long hiking trips. The zippers are all covered to prevent them from catching on branches. The pack is perfect for camping, and uses a top loading system to hold all your supplies.


  • It is useful and durable
  • Side handles come in handy
  • Water drains out of the pack well
  • The zippers are sturdy
  • The material is durable
  • Ideal for any outdoor activity


  • Too many straps get in the way
  • The location size for hydration pack is in a bad spot
  • The bladder for the water is a thin sleeve
  • The shoulder straps take a lot of strain

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3. SOG Ninja Daypack

SOG Ninja Daypack

This tactical daypack is polyester and it is durable enough to handle a lot of outdoor activities. The main compartment is large enough to store all your supplies. It has a zippered opening to keep everything inside and organized. You can store a lot of supplies inside the pack for your trip.

There are multiple pockets you can put all your stuff inside the pockets to keep them nearby. The hydration port can be put on the left or right for your preference. The side pouch will fit most water bottles you want to bring with you on your trip.

The pack does have a MOLLE design that allows you to hook up extra pockets and pouches. You can loop a flag patch to the bag to show off your support. The yoked style shoulder straps are adjustable.

You can adjust the sternum slider, and the padded mesh back keeps you comfortable.


  • The bag is sturdy and durable
  • You can add storage to the outside of the bag
  • The two ports allow you to hook up a hydration system
  • The top handle is sturdy
  • It compacts on light loads
  • The shoulder straps disconnect quickly


  • The patch on the pack looks silly
  • Stitching can start to come loose easily
  • Zippers can start to tear after use and strain
  • It could use a better name

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4. Fieldline Alpha OPS Daypack

Fieldline Alpha OPS Daypack

The main compartment on the pack is extra-large, which allows you to put all your supplies inside for any trip. The zippered mesh pockets keep everything close by, and prevents them from falling out. The pack is ideal for any type of outdoor activities.

The top front accessory pocket has a zipper closure to store extra supplies. It’s the ideal way to pack the bag to the bring for any trip. You won’t have to leave much needed supplies behind when you have this pack with you.

The secondary compartment has a gear organizer to keep all your valuables in one location. The yoked shoulder strap system makes the pack comfortable and easy to carry around.

The adjustable sternum slider allows you to keep the pack close to your body while you’re hiking. There is a two-liter hydration compatible pouch to keep you hydrated on your trips.


  • Ideal for any day trip
  • The zippers are secure and reinforced
  • The pockets are various sizes for belongings
  • The shoulder straps are comfortable to carry the pack
  • The pack is the perfect size for any day trip
  • It can hold a two-liter hydration pack


  • The zippers aren’t as good as other packs
  • Some of the buckles may break easily
  • No internal sheet frame
  • The shoulder straps come loose easily

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5. IOKHEIRA 25L 600D Patch Daypack

IOKHEIRA 25L 600D Patch Outdoor Sport Tactical Military Assault Bag Backpack Daypack

This daypack is stylish and can hold a lot of supplies for any trip. The pack is smaller than other packs, but it can fit a 14” laptop in the main compartment. It is durable enough to handle any activity, including hunting. It’s the perfect bag for storing magazines and ammo.

The high-impact military nylon cloth is durable to withstand any environment. The waterproof cloth prevents water from building up on the pack. You can use the pack in any wet weather environment.

The mercerized cotton gives your supplies a haven for storing your supplies. The daypack can withstand high-impact situations. It won’t get scratched when you’re walking through the woods.

The pack is suited to withstand any rot that may try to appear on the pack. It won’t get worn down easily, even if it’s used frequently. The pack is perfect for anything, from daily life to long trips.


  • The bag is ideal for school
  • The computer storage is separate from other parts of the bag
  • The bag is well made and sturdy
  • It can hold a lot of supplies
  • The front pockets are ideal for chargers
  • It is comfortable


  • The bag is too small for some people
  • The stitches may start to come apart
  • It may not hold everything you need
  • Water may build up inside the bag

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How to Choose Best Product

Here are some things you should consider when you’re looking for a daypack.

What is the loader type?

  • There are two types of loaders that daypacks use for their design. A panel-loading daypack has a main storage compartment. It looks like a typical backpack, and the front opens into a flap. Supplies can be stored easily and organized to your preference.
  • A top-loading daypack is a simple design, and are lighter than panel-loading daypacks. You can overfill them when you need to, and close it with a drawstring. It’s ideal for anyone that needs to take a lot of supplies, such as for climbing.

What is the size?

  • The size of the daypack is important, especially if you’re going to be gone for a day or two. Most hikers use daypacks that are can carry 30 liters. It can hold all your essentials, and different types of daypacks are sized differently. Running daypacks are typically smaller, while climbing daypacks hold more stuff. It all depends on how you plan on using the daypack.

What features come with them?

  • There are plenty of features available with a tactical daypack. Hydration packs are important, and they can hold up to three liters of water. If you’re running or hiking, it’s the perfect way to stay hydrated. Lumbar packs sit on your lower back, and stay stable while you’re running. Slings can go over your shoulder to give you a comfortable way to carry the daypack. Finding out about these features can make or break your day out in the wilderness.

What material is best?

  • Finding out the best material can all depend on what you need the daypack for. Nylon is the most popular, due to its durability and flexibility. Hypalon is a flexible synthetic rubber that protects areas of high abrasion. You want to consider the denier, or the unit of fineness for the yarn of the fabric. The higher the denier, the more durable it is and can withstand more punishment.

Final verdict

A daypack is the ideal way to pack your supplies and trounce off into the woods for the weekend. If you’re thinking about getting a daypack for an adventure, or for everyday use, I recommend the IOKHEIRA 25L 600D Patch Outdoor Sport Tactical Military Assault Bag Backpack Daypack.

If you are looking for something a little bigger check out our review on the best three day pack.