Best Military Backpack for Hiking - Guide & Reviews

When you’re out hiking, you need a backpack that can handle anything that comes your way. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or the rain forest, you need a backpack that will hold up in the elements.

Military backpacks provide durability and strength, while giving you plenty of space to hold your supplies. If you’re wondering what sets a military backpack apart from a regular backpack, this review will answer your questions.

Recommended Best Military Backpack for Hiking :

1. Wasing Hydration Pack

Wasing Hydration Pack

Editor Rating:

Includes Hydration Water Bladder

There is a 3-liter water bladder included with the backpack to keep you hydrated.

You don’t need to add an extra one, or purchase it separately.

You can fill up the bladder and suck the water out of the hose. The hose has large mouth to give you all the water you need.

Has Plenty of Storage Space

There are two front pockets that can hold your wallet, keys, phone, and other personal belongings. The quiet zipper paracord pulls the bag closed when it’s full.

The chest and shoulder straps are adjustable and comfortable. A net is included to hold your helmet, if you decide to bring one with you.

Pack Everything You Need

The backpack has enough space in the main compartment to hold a 15-inch laptop inside. You can carry more supplies with you when you’re out on a hike.

There is an airflow design system to keep your back cool and dry. It’s perfect for hiking or biking.


  • It is comfortable to wear all day
  • The pack can hold different types of bladders
  • The stitching is well done
  • There is a cover for the bladder
  • It has plenty of storage
  • The pack is reasonably priced


  • It might be tight on bigger people
  • There aren’t any clips to hold the hose
  • The bladder isn’t high quality
  • The tactical parts pull away from the pack

2. CAMTOA Outdoor Tactical Backpack

CAMTOA Outdoor Tactical Backpack

Editor Rating:

Comfortable and Durable

This backpack is made from 600D nylon, which gives it the durability to handle a hiking trip.

The shoulder straps are padded to keep from digging into your body.

The shoulder straps are adjustable for extra comfort. There is breathable mesh on the backing to keep it comfortable.

It can Store Anything

The pack was designed with a large main compartment with zippers around it. There is an interior zip and mesh pocket to keep all your supplies organized. The insides of the pouches are waterproof to keep moisture out.

Ideal for Traveling

The casual style of the pack allows you to take it on any trip. It can hold a 14-inch laptop inside the main compartment. The zippered inner pockets allow you to store supplies inside the pack. The backpack is large enough to hold everything you need.


  • It is constructed very well
  • The pack is large enough for all your supplies
  • Keeps supplies organized
  • The MOLLE area allows you to add extra pockets
  • The price is reasonable for the pack
  • It can hold supplies up to 45 liters


  • The shoulder straps can come undone
  • It may be smaller than it appears
  • The zippers may get caught
  • The shoulder straps aren’t great

3. Eyourlife Sport MOLLE Backpack 

Eyourlife Sport MOLLE Backpack

Editor Rating:

It has a Professional Design

The professional design of the pack gives you plenty of space.

The main compartment is large enough to hold a laptop.

The pack has a MOLLE feature to attach extra pockets to the outside. The mesh back panel is breathable and comfortable. The shoulder straps provide cushioned support when you’re hiking.

It is Durable for Anything

The pack is made from 600D Oxford cloth that makes it durable. Not only that, but it has a waterproof coating, as well.

The heavy-duty oversized zippers make it easy to unzip and store your supplies. It is an extremely durable pack for any outdoor activity.

The MOLLE System Provides More Space

When you run out of pocket space, you can attach extra pockets on the MOLLE system.

It is designed to be used with other equipment, expanding the space you need for supplies. If you need extra accessory supplies, you can put it on the MOLLE.


  • You can pack supplies inside tightly
  • It is well built and durable
  • Two main internal pockets allow for large items to be stored
  • The straps are strong and durable
  • The zippers are high quality
  • Perfect for day trips


  • The stitching isn’t great
  • May fall apart quickly
  • The straps can loosen up easily
  • Adjustment buckles are prone to breaking

4. SHTECH Backpack Camping Hiking 

SHTECH Backpack Camping Hiking

Editor Rating:

Holds up to 40 Liters

The bag can hold up to 40 liters of supplies. It is made from terylene oxford lawn to make it extra durable.

There is excellent ventilation when you’re carrying it around.

The pack won’t deform easily, even when it’s crumpled up. The professional design will keep all your supplies hidden away.

It has Large Compartments

The perfect collective system can hold laptop up to 15-inches. You can store supplies, books, and clothes inside the pack. Since your possessions are hidden, you won’t have to worry about anyone stealing anything.

It is Comfortable to Wear

The pack has a reduced burden system design to make it easier to carry. It makes travel more convenient, and takes the pressure off your shoulders and back.

The thickening sponge protection offers good protection against your back. You won’t feel anything poking you in the back while you’re walking or hiking.


  • The pockets are big
  • The design and style are excellent
  • The pack works as a duffel bagIt is waterproof
  • Plenty of storage space
  • There is an adjustable waist strap


  • The strap cover should be rolled up
  • The main compartment opens only on one side
  • Only good for a day trip
  • Design may not be for everyone

5. Gonex Military MOLLE Backpack 

Gonex Military MOLLE Backpack

Editor Rating:

It is Waterproof

The pack is durable and water resistant. It won’t get scratched when you’re outside.

There is a rain cover in the bottom of the bag. You can extract the rain cover when you need it.

The bag is made from 900D Oxford material to make it more durable.

Keeps Your Back Cool

The airflow channels use a high elasticity sponge that keeps air flowing and to keep you cool and dry. The weight decomposition system is adjustable to three different sizes for anyone wearing it.

It Provides Convenience

The pack has a large main compartment that is spacious enough to hold a laptop. There are four compartments that you can put your belongings in.

The MOLLE system allows you to hook up extra pockets for extra storage. You can load pockets or a water bottle bag on the MOLLE system.


  • The attached rain cover is convenient
  • The zipper covers the main compartment
  • There are five pockets inside the pack
  • The height is adjustable to three positions
  • MOLLE attachments all over the pack
  • Pockets on the side hold a water bottle


  • The colors aren’t all the sameIt can’t be submerged in water
  • The stitching may not be well done
  • Rain cover won’t go over the bag if it’s filled up

How to Choose Best Hiking Backpack

Here is how you can find the best hiking backpack for you.

Length of trip

The length of a hiking trip can tell you how much you should pack. For a weekend, you want a backpack that can hold 30-50 liters of supplies. For half a week, you need one to hold 50-80 liters.

Anything over five days, you need one that can hold at least 70 liters. You want to consider the season as well, since colder temperatures will require more supplies.

If you’re planning on doing anything besides hiking, you want to make sure there’s enough room. You can take multiple bags if you need to.


Features such as frames, ventilation, and pockets are crucial to finding the right backpack. The way the bag opens and stores supplies can help you keep everything organized.

The padding of the backpack can provide comfort when you’re hiking on a long trail. A rain cover is ideal to have when you’re outside or the air is damp.

Some backpacks have a hydration reservoir, which is an excellent addition when your water bottle is running low. Every backpack is different in what features they provide, so you should make a list for your supplies.

How well it fits

You want to make sure the backpack is a good fit for you when you’re wearing it. The torso length is important because of the way it sits on your back.

Some backpacks do have an adjustable suspension to modify it for a better fit. The waist size plays a crucial part. You should carry at least 80 percent of the weight on your hips when you’re walking.

It takes the pressure off your shoulders and prevents back injuries. Different hiking backpacks do have straps that go around your chest and waist to help alleviate the pressure when you’re walking.

Final verdict

A military backpack is ideal for hiking because they can hold a lot of supplies. If you’re thinking about getting a military backpack, the Gonex Military MOLLE Backpack 900D Oxford Waterproof Tactical Hiking Camping Backpack is recommended.

It can hold a lot of supplies, and it is durable.

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