5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack Review

The goal of the 5.11 Tactical RUSH 24 pack is to provide you with the most volume and organization you can get without taking time from the activities that you want to pursue. This bag is medium-sized and can store enough gear for one day (or rather, 24 hours – hence the name).

It can serve many different functions, starting with an everyday bag for carrying your gear, all the way to a tactical assault pack or a hunting backpack that you can bring with you on trips. It can also serve as an emergency bag that you will find useful in desperate situations.

It offers over 20 compartments to quickly organize your gear, and is meant to withstand any climate or situation through numerous small details that add up to offer big benefits. Here are the best of its features:

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack Review

Large storage space, organized into multiple compartments.

The spacious main storage area is front and center in this backpack, but it also has two zippered side pockets and a draw cord pocket into which you can stuff miscellaneous items. In total, the backpack has 2,275 cubic inches of volume, which translates into a 37-liter capacity.

Variety is key.

With this backpack, it isn’t just the number of pockets – it’s the way that each pocket is different and serves a different purpose but is integrated into the overall design of the pack.

For example, this pack has a padded 2-liter pocket for your hydration needs (which includes a bladder hanger for convenience), a zippered fleece-lined pocket for holding your glasses or phone, a multipurpose pocket for laptops or other types of items, a front compartment with an admin panel meant for small accessories, and multiple mesh zipper pockets for organizing your gear, to name just a few.

Durable construction.

RUSH 24 uses 1050D nylon to make sure that it can withstand almost any kind of wear and tear imaginable. A water-repellant coating helps protect it from the elements, while self-repairing zippers make sure that you won’t have trouble opening any compartments even as the pack gets older and more worn.

Attachments made for convenience.

An area with several hooks and loops can hold nametape and flag patches; meanwhile, a reinforced grab-and-go handle helps you carry the pack around when it’s not on your back. A contoured yoke shoulder strap system helps you carry your gear more comfortably for the duration of your trip.

MOLLE webbing.

The wrap-around SlickStick web platform allows you to attach any number of extra compartments or small items to the pack, as you see fit.

Like many of the other backpacks mentioned, the RUSH 24 sees MOLLE compatibility as important as it allows you to integrate other gear purchases you have made, as well as increase the storage capacity of your backpack by adding on extra accessories.

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  • Over 20 compartments
  • 37-liter capacity meant to store 24 hours of gear
  • Durable nylon construction with weatherproof coating
  • MOLLE compatible


  • Most expensive of the backpacks reviewed here
  • May be too large for some trips

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How large is this backpack?

A: Although considered medium-sized, it can hold 2,275 cubic inches or 37 liters.

Q: What features does this pack offer that others don’t?

A: A reinforced handle, hydration pocket and zippered fleece-lined eyewear pocket, to name a few,

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Final verdict

If you want the best of the best, look no further. RUSH 24 combines an incredible storage capacity with durable construction and functional, customizable design that you can use no matter where you go.

It makes every effort to go above and beyond simple storage, and into the business of offering you what you need before you know that you need it. Although it is on the pricey end of the range, in this case, the cost may very well be worth it for the benefits that you get from this back pack.

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