9 Ways to Keep Your Food Fresh Without Electricity

​Living off the grid is more than just distancing yourself from humankind. It sometimes means disengaging from the wires and surviving without electricity. Though the modern convention of electricity is great, there may come a time when you have no electricity for days, weeks, or even months.Do you know how to keep your foot stored […]

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The Difference Between Bear and Pepper Sprays

​Out in the wilderness, you might find yourself cornered by an angry and hungry mother bear. Human-bear conflicts are potentially life-threatening, especially if you cannot deter the bear with the typical “play dead” scenario. Recently, there has been a debate about which is more effective: traditional pepper spray or bear spray? While both sprays have […]

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27 Wildness Survival Tips and Tricks to Get Through Anything

Imagine a scenario where surviving in extreme conditions, like an avalanche, plane crash, or capsized raft is your only option until rescue comes. You have minimal tools, and you do not know exactly when help will arrive. Disaster strikes when we least expect it, so everyone should know basic survival tips and tricks. Whether you […]

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